Reduced Time of Building

present-100  SPEED

Greatly reduce the time of building envelope installation and make the most of your construction calendar

  • Fast-Track, Systemized Panel Manufacturing
  • Efficiencies Compress the Construction Schedule
  • Indoor Production Means No Weather Delays
  • Site Prep and Panel Construction Can Occur Simultaneously
  • Reduced Multi-Trade Vendor Coordination
  • Faster Installation Due to Prefab Panelization


Reduce the cost of your project by eliminating scaffolding and other complications of working at high elevations

  • Lightweight Panels Lower Structural Requirements
  • Smaller Footings / Foundations
  • Reduced Jobsite Labor & Crew Sizes
  • No Jobsite Scaffolding Required
  • Decreased Volume of Project Concrete
  • Reduced Drywall Furring, Boxing and Strapping
Value to your Project
Quality Processes


Our panels are produced in temperature-controlled factories, in full compliance with codes for testing, building and energy efficiency

  • Sto Prefab Panels Have ISO-Engineered Components
  • Sto Q/A Programs Ensure Quality-Controlled Workmanship
  • Strict Adherence to Manufacturers’ Temp/Humidity Guidelines
  • Extensive Architectural and Finish Options
  • Superior Fire, Acoustical and Thermal Performance
  • Superior Long Term Durability with Industry-Leading Warranty


Reduce your building envelope installation time by up to eighty percent when compared to conventional field-installed construction methods.



Take advantage of continuous insulation panel walls that can have up to ninety percent less weight than other panel and conventional wall types.

VS. 60


Easy installation means less labor. Reductions can be as much as going from 60 workers to 6 when compared to typical on-site construction methods.



Watch: Panel Install

This video demonstrates just how easy a typical prefab panelization installation can be for your project.

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