Frequently Asked Questions ?

  • Where are Sto Panels fabricated?

    At local StoPanel Affiliate manufacturing facilities. You can find your local affiliate here.

  • How are the panels installed in the field?

    With the use of on-site cranes.

  • How are panels attached to the building?

    Every panel is custom engineered, including connections, for its unique configuration, position, and the structural frame to which it must attach. Typically the panels are held about 1″ off the edge of the slab and are connected at every stud with custom designed steel plates, angles, or other prefabricated connectors as required to carry the design loads and to handle expected movement of the building frame.

  • What claddings can be applied over Sto Panels?

    Various claddings such as: Continuous Insulation (ci) Systems, Brick, Metal and others. See all of the Panel Systems here.

  • Are there size limitations for various Sto Panels?

    Yes, approximately 300 sf. per panel based upon specific project requirements.

  • How is fire-stopping handled in panel wall design?

    Based on ESR -1233, floor-line fire-stopping should be, as a minimum, 4 pcf. mineral wool insulation in each stud cavity and at each floor line, attached with z-clips or equivalent fasteners. The fire-stopping detail selected by the design professional should have a tested hourly rating to match that of the floor/ceiling assembly.

  • How are the panel-to-panel joints addressed in the field?

    A dual stage sealant joint is required and the sealant is typically installed in the field working off a swing stage.

  • Does Sto Panel offer a drainage panel?

    Yes, the following StoPanel systems offer drainage component:
    – StoPanel Classic NExT ci
    – StoPanel Premium ci
    – StoPanel Brick ci
    – StoPanel XPS ci.

    You can see all of these Panel Systems here.

  • Can Sto Panel be utilized in high velocity hurricane zoners such as Miami-Dade County?

    Yes, with using StoPanel Premium ci that meets both Large and Small Missile Impact Resistance requirements. See our StoPanel Premium ci system here for more information.

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